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The Complete Guide to Dog Food.

That entirely depends on what you looking for and the individual requirements of your dog. We do have a list of the best dry dog food brands, but really the answer depends on the needs of your dog. Thats why weve broken it down into categories so we can show you the best dog food for each type of dog. A general rule for choosing dog food is to look at the ingredients carefully to make sure they state exactly what it contains. Some dog foods will describe things like ‘22% poultry rather than breaking down whether that poultry is chicken, duck or goose. These vague descriptions usually mean the food is lower quality. Of course, the highest quality dog foods are usually more expensive but just because the price is high, doesnt mean that the food is better – there are also some great value brands that provide high quality for a reasonable price. Paying a little bit more for a high quality grain free dog food, for example, can be beneficial as it will keep your dog fuller for longer, meaning youll have to buy food less often. Making sure your dog has the right diet can also save you a fortune on vets bills in the long run so it may be worth spending a little bit more to get the right food.

Award Winning Dog Food.

Recently, Truline dog food were named as Brand of the Year for Best Dry/Kibble Dog Food of 2017 (UK) thanks to the quality and popularity of their grain free and natural dog food. Director of Pero (who created the Truline brand) Jonathan Rees commented, “We are incredibly honoured and proud to have received this prestigious award, a lot of work has gone into perfecting our Truline range of all natural and grain free dog and cat foods.” The Truline products have recently been added to our online store and you can pick up this award winning Truline dog food for just £13.99!

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Which Dog Food Should I Buy for my Dog?

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question, but this guide to dog food should help you make a decision. Your choice of dog food obviously depends on what type of dog you have. Some dog foods are more suitable for different sizes and breeds of dogs, as well as being dependent on the age or health of the dog. Weve put together a complete guide to dog food so you can choose the food best suited to your dogs needs! Pick one of the categories below that most suits your dog and well guide you to the best products on the market:

Dont see a category that fits your dog? See our full range of dog food or feel free to contact us for free advice and guidance. Plus dont forget to bookmark this page for later as well be updating it with more dog food guides all the time!

What Brands of Dog Food Do We Stock?

A lot! We have a huge range of brands of dog food to choose from in our online store. Having so many varieties helps us to cater to the unique preferences of as many dogs as possible. If theres any other dog foods that you think we missing and youd like to see added to our store, please feel free to leave a comment. To view all of these options you can browse our dog food by brand.

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How Do I Switch to a New Dog Food?

If youve taken a look through our dog food guides and decided to try a new type of food for your dog, then its important that you make the change properly. Simply changing food from one type to another can be bad for your dogs digestive system. Instead, we recommend making a 7 day transition where you mix the new food with the old food. Start by using mostly the old food and mixing in a bit of the new food and then increase the ratio of the new food every day until its just the new food remaining. This gradual switch is better from your dog on the inside and is better for their taste buds – making it less likely for them to reject the new flavours. For any more help or advice with this, dont hesitate to contact us in store or online.

What are the Best Dog Treats?

Choosing a dog food is one thing but your dogs diet will also consist of other things like dog treats. Weve also put together a guide on the different types of dog treats available to help you find treats that match your dogs needs and compliments your choice of dog food.

We understand that choosing dog food isnt an easy job, thats why we decided to put together this guide to dog food. Our staff are trained to know which food is best suited to your dog based on their needs and requirements. If you cant find the answers you need from these blogs, you can browse our full selection of dog food or you can contact us for help in choosing the perfect food for your best friend!

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