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How to Choose the Best Dry Dog Food.

Feeding yourself is confusing enough, but understanding the right grub to give your dog can feel impossible. Spend five minutes in a pet store and chances are youll become overwhelmed with the choices. Shelves and shelves of different brands promise the world and insist they the best dry dog food. But it can be tricky to decipher whats cleaver marketing and whats valuable guidance.

Luckily we here to help you navigate the literal hundreds of different kinds of dry dog food available in Australia. Previously, weve discussed the best place to buy dog food, so now lets dive into how to choose the best food for your dog. Of course, many people prefer wet or raw food for their dogs. But considering that dry is still the most common choice for Australian pet parents, we starting there.

Ask Your Vet.

Obviously your vet is always a great starting point for any pet queries. Theyll often have the most detailed information about health, and will be developing an ongoing knowledge of your pet. Just remember that in some cases they may have an agreement with a brand to recommend their product. Any good vet wouldnt work with a brand they didnt also trust, but its something to keep in mind.

Ask the Breeder or Rescue Centre.

For many owners, breeders or rescue centre employees will be the first people who offer advice about their pet. It can be a good idea to keep them on the breeders food for at least a little while, as they would have got used to it.

Again, as with vets, they may be members of food company clubs that get them substantial discounts if they recommend their food.

Ignore the Front of the Pack.

The one thing all pet food can guarantee is that theyll promise you the world on the bag. Remember, this is the work of the marketing department–not a nutritionist. No matter the quality, wed bet youll see the following:

Photos of healthy and happy dogs (who probably dont eat the food). Photos of beautiful ingredients that don’t match the recipe. Product names that make you think its full of meat (rather than mostly cheap grains and carbs). Statements like “Gut Health” or “Skin & Coat” that don’t really mean anything specific.

Check the Side or Back Panels.

Basically, the less time you spend reading the front of the bag the better.

Look for phrases like “Complete” or “Complete and Balanced,” thats a better indication of quality. See if it meets the guidelines handed down from the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA). Make sure it meets the right life stage and breed size. For example it will state if its for adults, puppies, large breed puppies, or all life cycles. Check the protein percentage. Protein is expensive, so more premium products should have levels that are 25-30%.

Understand the Ingredients List.

Ingredient lists are arranged in descending order. That means the first ingredients make up the bulk of the recipe. In most cases that should be a meat product. Be specific, you want it to say something like animal meal or dehydrated animal meat rather than just “Chicken” or “Lamb”. Look for whole ingredients rather than refined proteins or starches.

Fresh is Best.

Dry dog food, when stored properly, has a long shelf life. But vitamins, fats, and oils do degrade over time. Try find a brand that prints the manufacture date on the pack. Most will only have a best before date.

Get Online.

Do a quick Google search of the brand to see if people are reporting issues of ill dogs or foreign objects. Dog food in Australia is not yet regulated, so theres no central database for complaints or mandatory recall powers. But if a brand has had issues it wont take long to find out about them by reading customer reviews.

Consider Australian Made & Owned.

Most dry dog food is made in Australia but owned by multinationals based in USA, Switzerland, and China. If you can find a local brand there is a higher chance it hasnt been sitting around for weeks. Also, its great to support local businesses (like Scratch)!

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