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Animal Care & Control.

We are looking for dedicated individuals who can join our team of officers working to help animals in our community. Animal Control Officers work to investigate, prioritize and respond to calls related to public and animal safety. Calls for service range from barking and sanitation, animals running at large, injured animals, bite investigations, cruelty and neglect investigations and enforcing and educating the public on state laws and city ordinances protecting animals.

Education and/or Experience: An Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice or Animal Science is preferred with one to two years full time employment with related experience and/or training, or he A.S. degree may be substituted by 5 years’ full time employment experience as a Police Officer or Animal Control Officer.

To learn more about this position and apply click HERE .

Animal Care Specialist.

Working as an Animal Care Specialist you will provide the direct care for animals coming into the shelter. You’ll triage animals by paying close attention to their medical and behavioral needs while here. You will work to monitor behavior throughout their stay and administer medications and vaccines. You clean and care for the animals’ daily, ensuring stringent cleaning protocols are followed to prevent the spread of disease. You will evaluate animals for adoption, rescue groups, foster programs and determine which animals will be euthanized. This position does require euthanizing animals when an outcome is not possible.

Candidates should have an Associate’s Degree or equivalent from a two-year college or technical school OR one year related full time employment experience and/or training in animal handling.

To learn more about this position and apply click HERE .

*If you have difficulty uploading documents to supplement your application please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .*


*This is not a microchip registry – it will not show pet owner information. This is a tool to help you know which microchip company to contact to verify and update information linked to your pet’s microchip.*


A microchip is a small permanant form of identification placed under an animal’s skin on the back of their neck. Owner’s information is linked to the chip and can be accessed with a microchip reader.


You can bring your pet to the shelter to check for a microchip, your veterinarian’s office or get it checked at any Petco store. If your pet is microchipped it’s important to ensure the information linked to the chip is accurate so you can be contacted in case of an emergency.


If you know your pet’s microchip number you can click the button above to determine which company your chip is through. You will then contact the company directly or Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control to update the information linked to your pet’s microchip.


You can bring your pets to Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control to get them microchipped for just $15 during normal business hours! Call 260-427-1244 for learn more.

Pet Behavior Help.

Our goal at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is to help keep pets in their homes where they are already loved. Over the years we have seen many pets surrendered to the shelter because of behavior problems in the home. Our goal with the Behavior Help program is to connect dog owners with a certified positive trainer early to help address problems in the home and help develop a stronger relationship with their pet.


Dog owners can click the button above to fill out a quick questionnaire then you will immediately receive an email with a $50 certificate that can be used toward training. A list of eligible trainers is on the training certificate along with their contact information. Once you review and choose a trainer you will contact them directly to set up our training session(s).

*Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control does not provide training or training classes. This program is designed to put pet owners directly in touch with private dog trainers in our area.


Anyone needing assistance with their pet’s behavior can fill out the questionnaire and receive a $50 certificate! We know that sometimes just connecting with the right trainer is the biggest hurdle to helping you and your pet work through issues.

Common behaviors that trainers can help with are chewing, puppy basics, housebreaking, basic manners, jumping, excessive barking or general guidance for new pet owners.


We work with certified trainers who use fun, positive methods of training. Once you complete a questionnaire you will receive an email with the complete list of trainers and their contact information.


We currently do not have any local cat behavior experts, but we’d be happy to assist in any way we can! If you’d like a representative from the shelter to reach out and provide resources that could be helpful to you. Click HERE to fill out the cat form.

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